The Team


Robert Lay

Robert has over 15 years’ experience structuring, syndicating and developing hundreds of real estate projects across the country generating over $1 billion in federal and state tax credits.

He focuses primarily on investor relationships with taxpayers including publicly traded corporations, multi-national financial institutions, family offices, and privately held businesses.

Chelsea Spivey

Chelsea graduated from the University of Georgia, has over 16 years of experience as a paralegal and worked in commercial real estate and development prior to joining RiseImpact Capital.

She is currently responsible for managing the operations of RiseImpact’s tax credit projects and programs.

Matthew Zackon

Matt leads RiseImpact’s efforts in South Carolina managing the tax credit syndication and development efforts regarding historic rehabilitation, affordable housing, and renewable energy by fostering investor relationships with attorneys, real estate brokers, bankers, family offices, CPAs, and real estate developers.

Matt, a licensed attorney, also assists with governance, public policy, and governmental relations on the state and federal level. He graduated with a dual-degree (JD/IMBA) from the University of South Carolina.


Thomas “Trey” Wood

Trey is a certified public accountant who has over 12 years of experience in the profession. He began his career in public accounting and now works with RiseImpact Capital.

He oversees the accounting of RiseImpact Capital and its various investments.

Ryan O’Krepki

Ryan is responsible for supporting the investment process across the organization, including financial modeling and underwriting. Prior to joining RiseImpact Capital, Ryan served as an analyst within BlackRock’s Financial Institutions Group in New York, covering institutional Insurance clients.

Ryan graduated Cum Laude with a BBA in Finance from Louisiana State University.

Tyler Ramsey

Tyler serves as outside general counsel to RiseImpact Capital through his law firm, R&M Law Group, LLC. Tyler has a wide range of experience representing developers, syndicators, lenders and investors on projects that involve federal and state tax credits as well as other tax incentivizes, including low-income housing, historic, renewable energy and opportunity zones.

Tyler oversees general corporate matters and provides project specific advice to RiseImpact Capital.

Christine Haidler

Christine began her career at Raymond James in 2017 while earning her bachelor’s degree in public relations from Tulane University.

She manages client and investor relationships with a high degree of care and attention to detail; she strives to provide every client with an outstanding experience.

Michael Wolf

Michael has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry in South Carolina. His focus is on South Carolina tax credit programs and development opportunities, including the Abandoned Building Tax Credit, Textile Communities Revitalization Tax Credit, Historic Tax Credit and Affordable Housing Tax Credit programs.

He works closely with real estate developers, CPAs, attorneys, commercial real estate brokers, bankers and other financial professionals on the syndication and monetization of South Carolina tax credit development projects.


RiseImpact Capital is a full-service tax advantaged real estate development and tax credit syndication firm.

We specialize in partnering with local developers and stakeholders to build high impact developments that transform communities, families, and small businesses. For our tax credit investors, we offer a diversified portfolio of state and federal tax credits to help manage their tax liability in addition to achieving CRA, ESG and other sustainability and societal impact objectives.

From the initial spark of a potential development idea to placing the project in service or identifying, syndicating, and managing a portfolio of state and federal tax credit investments, our team of experienced professionals at RiseImpact Capital helps both developers and investors achieve their individual goals and objectives.


Are you developing a project that will earn federal or state tax credits? Seeking a streamlined, efficient transaction and syndication structure? Or are you looking for a financial partner to help fill funding gaps and round out the capital stack?

RiseImpact Capital specializes in partnering with developers to solve these and other complicated issues associated with tax credit transactions. Contact us to learn how we can work together to take your project from the drawing board to completion.


RiseImpact Capital has worked closely with many tax credit investors including large corporations, multi-national financial services and insurance firms, small businesses, estates and trusts and individuals, and we provide a wide array of optimized tax credit investments opportunities to help our clients manage and their federal and/or state tax liability.

Our diversified portfolio of historic, renewable, workforce housing, and other federal and state tax credits offers our clients opportunity to select tax credit transactions with the most attractive yields across multiple jurisdictions and/or transactions that are most closely aligned to achieve an investor’s ESG, CRA and other sustainability and societal impact objectives.

Choices matter and our clients rely on RiseImpact to identify and manage their tax credit investments to ensure a positive impact on communities and families, encourage economic development, achieve sustainability and social impact objectives, and generate attractive investment returns.